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Greywater systems available in Australia

Greywater systems can be either:

  • GDD-T,  greywater diversion systems (Temporary)
  • GDD-P, greywater diversion systems  (Permanent; usually with a coarse filter of some nature)
  • GTS, greywater treatment systems
  • All systems above nearly always use some type of greywater irrigation system (GIRS)

Before using greywater, you should check that the system and the end use are approved in your state. Refer to the relevant state guidelines for further information.

The Urban Greywater Design and Installation Handbook by the National Water Commission and RMIT is a great source of information on setting up and use greywater systems.

Common systems used in Australia

Greywater for Gardens

Greywater Reuse Systems

Waterwise Systems



Gator Pro Grey water diverter

Greywater recycling & irrigation systems

Directories for finding greywater treatment and diversion systems 

Enviro Friendly Directory Greywater reuse systems in Australia 

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