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Guidance on using Recycled Water

Irrigation and horticulture using recycled water

A Guidance Handbook for Irrigation of Amenity Horticulture with Recycled Water

For Parks, gardens, lawns, landscapes, playing fields, golf courses and other public open spaces (pdf). Download 

A Manual for the Pasture and Fodder Crop Industries for Using Recycled Water 

Using recycled water. A manual for the pasture and fodder crop industries (pdf). Download

Growing Crops with Reclaimed Water 

CSIRO Handbook by Dr Daryl Stevens. This comprehensive work examines the fundamentals required for reclaimed water schemes to deliver sustainable farming operations that achieve the yield and quality of produce necessary for acceptance in the market. Available from CSIRO

Using Recycled Water in Horticulture. A Growers Guide

Produced for the Victorian Department of Primary Industries, this guide outlines some best management practices (BMPs) that relate to the use of recycled water in horticultural production and pre-market handling of produce. The guide considers the requirements of popular QA schemes, codes of practice and guidelines from regulatory bodies (e.g. environment and human service authorities), along with published scientific evidence. It also outlines popular quality assurance schemes for horticulture and covers some of the key management requirements when using recycled water (pdf). Download

Greywater use

Urban Greywater Design and Installation Handbook

Urban Greywater Design and Installation Handbook by the National Water Commission and RMIT.

Requirements for the installation of rainwater and greywater systems in Australia

See links on the National Water Commissions website

General recycled water

Planning and implementing recycled water schemes

Produced for the National Heritage Trust, these guidelines provide a summary of the key requirements and procedures when planning and implementing wastewater recycling schemes in horticulture. The primary aim is to help scheme proponents, in conjunction with other stakeholders, plan a comprehensive and positive approach to water recycling schemes. Importantly, these guidelines should assist all stakeholders to better understand each other’s expectations (pdf). Download.

Occasional Papers from Water Quality Research Australia

The CRC for Water Quality and Treatment Occasional Papers series provides the Australian water industry with scientific information on critical topics in drinking water. They are designed for industry, rather than scientific, audiences. Visit website.

Australian Water Conservation and Reuse Research Program

The Australian Water Conservation and Water Reuse Program (AWCRRP) was an initiative of CSIRO and the Australian Water Association with funding support from numerous organisations around the country. The program promoted efficiency in research, the communication of outcomes and linked Australia to progress being made internationally. The valuable outcomes of Stage 1 of the program (2003 – 2004) are presented in a suite of reports and articles on the CSIRO website.