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There is significant growth in the onsite reuse of industrial wastewaters, as well as in the use of recycled water in industrial processes where potable (drinking) quality water is not necessary. The following links are examples and case studies of effluent reuse for industry and onsite reuse.

Major Industry Projects in Australia using Recycled Water

There are a number of projects by Hunter Water in NSW including:

  • Dora Creek WWTW were offsite reuse of all effluent at Eraring Power Station is used for boiler make-up water, cooling  systems, cleaning and hosing down (following further treatment at the power station site by micro-filtration and  reverse osmosis).
  • Edgeworth WWTW  NSW - Offsite effluent reuse at Oceanic Coal (Teralba Colliery) for coal washing and dust  suppression, plus irrigation of nearby mine sites, fire fighting hosing down.
  • Onsite effluent reuse for hosing down, screenings washing, grit washing, gravity drainage decks and polymer  make-up is used at Kurri Kurri , Morpeth , Raymond Terrace  and Shortland WWTW, NSW. Onsite effluent reuse for gravity drainage decks and belt filter presses is used at Boulder Bay and Toronto  WWTW .

The Western Corridor Project in Queensland incorporates the Bundamba Advanced Water Treatment Plant,  to provide purified recycled water for industrial applications, power stations as well as agriculture.

Other industrial enduses and applications

Information on recycling in concrete manufacturing plants can be found at Recycled Water in concrete production

A power stations where recycled water is used is Linden Combined Cycle Plant in New Jersey where recycled wastewater is used for cooling towers and other power station needs  

Publications and further reading

VU, and CSIRO. 2008. Guidance for the use of recycled water by industry. Institute for Sustainability and Innovation, Victoria University. CSIRO Land and Water - For the Smart Water Fund. This document aims to provide information on the key issues confronting the industrial water user in respect to the use of recycled water on a site. The information is both technical (corrosion processes, health issues etc.) and nontechnical (public perceptions, product acceptance etc.).

Asano, T., F. L. Burton, H.L. Laeverenz, R. Tsuchihashi, and G. Tchobanoglous. 2007. Water Reuse. Issues, Technologies and Applications. Metcalf and Eddy. New York, USA: McGraw Hill. Chapter 19 Industrial Uses of Reclaimed Water. p. 1103

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