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Brochures on using Recycled Water

Issues and advice for using recycled water for irrigation

Wastewater recycling in nurseries National Program for Sustainable Irrigation Fact sheet 2005/3 

A comprehensive review of Australian and international research programs covering all aspects of waste water management in nurseries has been carried out by Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) - a funding partner for the National Program for Sustainable Irrigation. The review identified useful resources for the industry and best practice in waste water management for nursery operators. (pdf) download

The Salinity Management Guide

This document is for landscape designers, park managers, and anyone else seeking to irrigate a landscape with recycled water or other water of somewhat elevated salinity. Weblink leads  you to the guide main menu

Sustainable irrigation and recycled water

Land and Water Australia has a wealth of information on irrigation and related environmental management issues regarding use of recycled water. Weblink takes you to their list of free publications for download. 

Recycled water in agriculture - theory to practice

A presentation by RMCG provides a useful overview of  current issues and status of irrigation with reclaimed water. (pdf) download

Achievements of the Virginia Pipeline Scheme

Paper presented at the 2nd Recycled Water Conference, Brisbane, September 2003. After 3.5 years of full-scale operation, it is timely to reflect on the achievements of the Virginia Pipeline Scheme and the benefits it has brought to the district, the immediate environment and the Australian water and horticultural industries. (pdf) download

Social acceptance of recycled water

Water recycling in South-East Queensland: What do men and women think?

Research paper by Miller, Evonne & Buys, Laurie (2008) and published in Rural Society Journal, 18(3).

How Australians order acceptance of recycled water: national baseline data

Research paper by Marks, J.S., Martin, W.C., & Zadoroznyj, M., 2(008) and published in Journal of Sociology, 44(1), 83-99