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Greywater for reuse

This section of the recycled water website provides information on greywater use both in Australia and internationally.

Please note that:

  1. In this website we refer to greywater as wastewater from the hand basin, shower, bath, spa bath, washing  machine, laundry tub, kitchen sink and dishwasher. 
  2. Water from the kitchen is generally too high in grease and oil to be reused successfully without significant  treatment. 
  3. Greywater can also be referred to as graywater, gray water or grey water.

Use of greywater for watering household gardens is seen as an increasingly important issue in todays climate.  Permanent water shortages  mean that  households have to consider issues of water availability and the water demands of their gardens. Using greywater is intended to be a sustainable solution to the water requirements of gardens.

We also recommend another website that we have developed with the Savewater!alliance see  

The GreySmart website has detailed of information on greywater from around Australia and includes:

  • Assessment of household cleaning and personal care product for use in your house if you will be using the greywater on your garden. i.e. will your greywater be garden friendly or GreySmart?
  • A calculator to assess what works best for your household when considering the use of greywater and rainwater around the house.




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