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Greywater approvals in your state or territory

Each state has its own complicance regulations regarding greywater treatment and diversion systems. Before going ahead with a greywater system, you should check that the system has approval in your state. Our guide here will help point you in the right direction. Websites for approved greywater treatment systems (GTS) and greywater diversion devices (GDD) in Australia:

Information on approved greywater systems can be found at:


EPA VIctoria onsite wastewater treatment

New South Wales 

NSW Government Department of Health accredited greywater diversion devices

NSW Government Department of Health accredited greywater treatment systems 

Australian Capital Territory  

The ACT Government does not provide a list of approved greywater system products, however it provides links from its Think Water website to information about greywater systems approved or accredited in other States and  Territories.   

Northern Territory      

NT Department of Health approved greywater treatment (pdf) and greywater diverter systems (pdf)


Qld Government Department of Local Government and Planning greywater treatment systems

South Australia    

Department of Health, SA information on both diversion and treatment systems


Sustainable Living Tasmania information sheet on greywater treatement systems

Western Australia  

Department of Health WA Approved onsite greywater systems information