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Recycling water from effluent in News South Wales

Effluent reuse – NSW government - summary of effluent reuse in NSW. 

Water for life - The NSW government has an interactive map that lists the stormwater harvesting and water recycling projects across Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Illawarra. With more than 340 projects on the map so far, projects can be searched by postcode, region, council area, water source and water use. 

Sydney Water summaries a range of sources that water is recycled from.

Sydney Olympic Park Water Reclamation and Management Scheme (WRAMS) is a complete system for water management of a discrete area, encompassing stormwater harvesting,  improving stormwater quality for irrigation needs, water treatment infrastructure, water supply infrastructure  and sewage treatment.

Yamba Sewerage Augmentation Project- Clarence Valley Council Clarence Valley Council is keen to ensure all raw sewage produced now and in the future is adequately treated to  a standard suitable for re-use or for safe release into the environment. Council also aims to develop more  sustainable opportunities for the re-use of recycled water in the area. 

Ropes Crossing Construction of dual reticulation pipelines is continuing as the new development, situated near St Mary's, expands. The Ropes Crossing Recycled Water Scheme will provide recycled water to new homes and for irrigation  of local playing fields.  When the scheme is completed, it will provide 1,550 homes with up to 500 million litres of high quality recycled water a year.  The scheme is expected to start operating in 2010.

Future Recycled Water Schemes 

Rosehill-Camellia Recycled Water Project

Rosehill Recycled Water Scheme

Hoxton Park Recycled Water Scheme The Hoxton Park Recycled Water Scheme in southwestern Sydney will supply about 760 million litres of recycled  water to businesses and about 7,000 homes by 2015.