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Recycling water from effluent in Victoria

Melbourne Metropolitan

Melbourne Water is the water authority responsible for managing the city’s two treatment plants, Western Treatment Plant and Eastern Treatment Plant. Water from these plants is used for various schemes and end uses. Melbourne Water's water recycling website provides further information on recycled water for Melbourne.  For further information on end uses for treated wastewater, visit the enduse sections.

City West Water provides detail of alternative water supply schemes within its customer service area in Melbourne.

The South East Water website has various points of information on recycled wastewaterand stormwater

Yarra Valley Water supplies recycled water to customers, and is expanding its recycled water network.

Regional Victoria 

Westernport Water has information on various reuse schemes from their two treatment plants.    

Coliban Water provides fact sheets on its recycled water, or view this fact sheet that explains the wastewater treatment process for Coliban.   

East Gippsland Water has numerous wastewater treatment plants recycling wastewater.  

North East Water recycled water reuse schemes.

South Gippsland Water wastewater treatment plants and wastewater reuse

Western Water has seven recycled water plants in its service area. Try their interactive presentation with Recycled Water Superheroes