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How is recycled water defined?

Recycled water is defined in the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling as water that has been treated to a 'fit for purpose' standard for a specific application.  However, many state and territory guidelines still refer to recycled water as class A to D of recycled water that can be used for a variety of uses.  A general indication of these uses are indicated below:


Range of uses (uses include all lower class uses)


Urban (non-potable): with uncontrolled public access.
Agricultural: e.g. human food crops consumed raw.
Industrial: open systems with worker exposure potential.


Agricultural: e.g. dairy cattle grazing.
Industrial: e.g. wash down water.


Urban (non-potable) with controlled public access.
Agricultural: e.g. human food crops cooked/processed, grazing/fodder for livestock.
Industrial: systems with no potential worker exposure.


Agricultural: non-food crops including instant turf, woodlots, flowers.

EPA Victoria: Guidelines for Environmental Management, Use of Reclaimed Water, September 2002


NOTE: See each state and territory guidelines for specific requirements



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