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Gardens and greywater

Quick Links for greywater use in gardens

The following links provide good resources to help you decide on the best approaches to plant selection, safe use of greywater on gardens, and learning about the impact of greywater and detergents on both plants and soils.

Publications and Resources

Urban Greywater Design and Installation Handbook by the National Water Commission and RMIT.

Good Gardens with Less Water, by Kevin Handreck, CSIRO Publishing  (2008) It is possible to have a great garden anywhere in Australia, even with water restrictions.  Amongst others, covers  section on rainwater harvesting and use, and how to avoid problems when greywater is used in the garden.

Create an Oasis with Greywater (5th ed), by Art Ludwig, ISBN: 9780964343399, Copyright Year: 2006 Create an Oasis with Greywater fifth edition describes how to quickly and easily choose, build and use a simple  greywater system. Some can be completed in an afternoon for under $30. It also provides complete instructions  for more complex installations such as how to deal with freezing, flooding, drought, failing septics, low perk soil,  and radical plumbing that uses 90% fewer resources.